SUNSPIRIT for justice and peace is an Indonesian civil society organization works in the area of justice and peace. With central office in Jakarta,  SUNSPIRIT mainly focus in Post-disaster and Post Conflict Programs in Aceh and community empowerment Programs in Belu, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)

Vision and mission

As articulated in the name, the vision of the organization is “justice and peace for all”. Its basic mission is to participate in the effort to create justice, peace and ecological integrity in Indonesia where injustice, conflict and ecological crisis become worsen nowadays. In line with this vision and mission, the basic goal of SUNSPIRIT are (1) strengthen the practice of justice and peace especially to the marginalized, oppress, or discriminated groups of society; (2) Actively participate in efforts to respect and protect the basic human rights; (3) Work with the poor and marginalized for equality and prosperity; and (4) Develop a constructive discourse and spread the spirit of justice and peace.

Strategic Working Focus

To reach the goals, in the period of 2005-2009, SUNSPIRIT is focus mainly in community empowerment and peace building programs, especially in conflict and disaster affected areas. Our strategic working areas includes: (1) Empowerment of Farmers through organic agriculture system; (2) women empowerment initiatives; (3) Poverty Eradication through initiation of self-help activities; (4) Capacity Building of Community Leaders and Promotion of Community Based Development Mechanism; and (5) Conflict Transformation and Peace Sustainability; including Peace Education in Schools dan Community Centres.


SUNSPIRIT is led by Director  and Executive Secretary who are in charge for operation of the organization. The director is responsible to Boards of Advisors and annual meeting of the organization. Each program is organized by a team lead by Program Coordinator. As a special working area, SUNSPIRIT in Aceh is led by Coordinator who is in charge of the projects and operation of the organization in Aceh. The Coordinator is responsible to the Director. Since December 2006, 14 staffs are working for Aceh Program. They are organized in two teams, each team led by program manager, which are Community Empowerment Team and Peace Building Team. Additionally, there are two special task forces for Mobile Training Team in Organic Agriculture and Training for Conflict Transformation/Peace Education. The team consist of 3 staffs and community volunteers  in Timor is led by a program coordinator.



Board of Founders:

Tamara M.Y. Soukotta, Saverinus Adir,  Cyprianus Jehan Paju Dale, Bonifasius Gunung

Board of Advisors:

Saverinus Adir,  Tamara M.Y. Soukotta, Bonifasius Gunung

Director/National Coordinator:

Cypri Jehan Paju Dale

Executive Secretary: Krispianus Bheda

Aceh Program: Ismail (Coordinator/Head of Aceh Office), Jarwani, Imran Daud, Leonardus Depa Dey, Dira Septya Zulinda (Admin/Finance), Eka Dewi (Secretary), Adi (Driver), Safrizal Agam (General), 6 volunteers, 3 special Community Organizers

Timor Program: Tommy Saleh, Risza Lopes da Cruz, Fr. Save Adir Ofm


Jakarta Office:

Jl Mardani Raya No 66, Cempaka Putih Barat, Jakarta Pusat

Phone/Fax: 021-4220069, e-mail:


Aceh Office:

Jl. Manekroo, Lr. Anggur, Meulaboh, Aceh Barat, Nanggroe Aceh Darusalam

Phone: 0655 – 7014646,

Timor Office:

Desa Fohoeka, Nanaet Debusi, Laktutus, Belu, Nusa Tenggara Timur



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