Program 2006

Our 2006 Program is “Community Empowerment and Peace Building Program for Disaster and Conflict Victimsand Under-Poverty Level Community in Meulaboh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam”.

The program covered 10 communities in 2 sub-districts of Bubon and Woyla in Aceh Barat: Gunong Panah, Seuneubok Trap, Seumuling, Kuala Pling, Alue Bakong, Peulanteu SP (BUBON), and Cot Murong, Cot Lagan, Suak Trieng, Glee Siblah (WOYLA).This program consisted of:

Food Security and Income Generating Through Organic Farming Program:

  1. Trainings in Organic Farming for 200 farmers in ten communities
  2. Seed and wires distribution for 200 farmers
  3. Assistance in Individual Garden
  4. Demonstration Plot and Community Centre


Peace Building Activities:

  1. Revitalization of Cultural Activities in each Villages
  2. Aceh Cultural Festival For Paece: intercommunity festival, 20-22 December 2006
  3. Sport Tournament in 2 subdistrict
  4. Peace Management Trainings for community leaders, ulama, women and ex-combatants


Capacity Building:

  1. Support for Village Leaders
  2. Trainings for Community Activists

General Support Participatory Program: 

Every village got Rp.15.000.000 for a general support project. Using a participatory approach, the financial support was used as an initial fund for any kind of empowerment or physical development based on the urgent general need of the villagers.  The community members participate in the project in the form of resources and labour. They also participate in bottom up planning process to ensure the priority of the community, form their own committee and monitoring mechanism. Besides materials and cash, most communities chose labour in community work system (gotong royong) as form of community participation.  The villages committee has to provide financial report to SUNSPIRIT and to the community as a medium of learning about transparency and accountability. 

For more information about the reports on the implementation of the program please contact SUNSPIRIT for justice and peace







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