Bycicle Convoy for Peace

Celebrating the Second Anniversary of Peace Agreement and the Indonesian Independence Day


Working together with ASoH, local cultural activist and university students in Meulaboh, we organized a “BICYCLE CONVOY for PEACE” on August 12, 2007. More than 1000 persons (800 bicycles) from Meulaboh and surrounding areas got involved in the event. They came from various backgrounds: local government, local parliament, TNI, POLRI, KPA/ex-GAM combatants, NGO workers, students and teachers of the local schools, and other local people. Young, old, men, women, parents and their children, families and friends, all participated gaily. 

The main objective of the activity is to have an informal gathering of various parties in a warm and cordial occasion, and at the same time share the peace messages and hope for a better Aceh in the future. As a celebration of the peace agreement, this activity was designed to encourage all parties to realize that the peace agreement was indeed a blessing for everyone. They also need to be reminded that peace is something we all should maintain in order to achieve the real peaceful situation that we always dreamt about. It is our responsibility to maintain the peace and make it grow and survive in Aceh.


The theme for the event is “Jika Damai itu Indah, Untuk Apa Ciptakan Konflik?” (If peace is beautiful, then why create conflict?). Peace Stakeholders (representative from local government, military, police, ex-combatant group/KPA, and civil society group) gave peace message in the gathering after the convoy.Through banners, pamphlets, 600 t-shirts, and reports on local radio and newspaper, it was promoted that peace is really beautiful (based on the people’s experiences after the peace accord) and there is no need to start new tensions and conflict anymore. It is our responsibility to keep peace alive and make conflict only past history of Aceh.



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  1. irinegayatri
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 09:25:07

    Dear Peace and jUstice,
    Pue haba?



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