Peace Sport Tournament in Bubon and Woyla

As part of peace building programs, we supported the activities of the communities in Bubon and Woyla during to Indonesian Independence Day and 2nd commemoration of Aceh Peace Agreement. We used sport tournament as medium to promote peace because it is the time for the people from every communities to meet each others, making contacts, and compete in constructive way. We also encouraged the communities to commemorate the peace agreement as a turning point of the history of Aceh.

We chose a theme of the activities “Wahee rakan ngon syehdara, jak geutanyoe jaga damai nyoe jeut abadi di bumoe aceh tercinta” (Colleagues and Brothers, let us maintain everlasting peace in our beloved country of Aceh”. We put the theme on banners, stickers, and T-shirts.The cooperation between local government, inter-community committee and SUNSPIRIT, enables the communities to organize various sports and art activities. Football tournament was centralized in Kuala Bhee and Kuta Padang, while volley ball tournament was centralized Gunung Panah Community Centre.



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