Conflict Transformation Training for Peace Cadre


On 20 – 23 November 2007, we conduct the Conflict Transformation Training for “peace cadre”, the key persons in the community, people who often participate in the problem solving and conflict resolution process. From each community, we invited 2 persons: 1 community leader (Keuchik), and 1 respected person in the community whom they usually trust to facilitate problem solving efforts within the community. Apart from those 2 from each village, we also invite 5 women representatives from 10 communities, representatives from the ex-GAM combatants or KPA (Komite Peralihan Aceh), and 2 persons from each sub-district office (Kecamatan). opening-explanation-about-the-purpose-and-method-of-the-training.jpgThe total 33 participants came from various backgrounds: community leaders (Keuchik), religious leaders, traders, farmers, civil servants, etc. At the same time they also share one common background: they are the key persons in their community, and people in their community respect them and used to ask for their opinion and participation in solving the problems/conflict faced by the communities. As an advance training (compared to the previous Conflict Transformation Trainings) targeted the key persons (formal and informal leaders from 10 communities), the main focus of this training is to improve the capacity of the peace cadres in transforming conflict within their communities, specially in conflict analysis, negotiation and mediation skills. The training was more “serious” than the previous training; this time we spend more time on share the concept and practice the conflict analysis negotiation and mediation skill of the participants, and less outdoor games/simulation. However, the participants enjoyed the training, and indeed were very serious in learning new experiences and skills that later they will share with others in their villages. opening-explanation-about-the-purpose-and-method-of-the-training.jpg


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