The period of April-June was an important phase for the implementation of the Peace Building and Community Empowerment Program for conflict affected communities in Bubon-Woyla and Beutong Ateuh, West Part of Aceh. Besides continuation of some aspect of peace building and community empowerment programs, during this period we started full implementation of Peace Education Program in Schools, intensify our activities in Beutong Ateuh area, and also prepare the communities for Aceh Cultural Performance for Peace in July. Almost all of the planned activities are successfully implemented, although there were some adjustments in the schedule due to some constraints.

Building Peace

One of the peacebuilding programs is capacity building for community cadres for peace through bimonthly regular meeting and training. After the first meeting last March in Suak Trieng, the second meeting was organized in May 2008 in the Villages of Kuala Pling. Besides sharing of information and experience regarding peace and conflict dynamics in the communities, the participants also discussed specific topic of “We as Peace Workers”. The community leaders, religious leaders (ulama), representatives of women participated in the meeting.

Conflict Resolution Workshop at community level was also successfully implemented in the Village of Alue Bakong, Bubon. This activity was organized based on the request of the community and focused on the real problems of the community. Village head, head of Youth Forum, Tuha Peut (adat leader), women, farmers, and the community members participated. Using games, group discussions, and simulation, the one whole day workshop is focused on conflict analysis, collaboration, and simulation of mediation and negotiation to solve conflict.

Besides working for cadres and community members, we also incorporated in the peace building program, an initiative to stimulate a structural transformation which is training for government apparatus at lowest level; the villages leaders and the sub district staffs. In collaboration with Sub-District Government we organized last May, a two days workshops for villages’ leaders from 17 villages in Bubon.

Regular discussion of activist in Meulaboh was also successfully implemented. In the forum, we discussed the result of Conflict Monitoring Update by World Bank, and analyzed the implications for communities in Meulaboh. NGO activist, students, and local radio journalist were participated in the discussion.

The program of Peace and Justice Education get a significant progress in April – June period. As pre-condition for implementation of the program in High Schools in Meulaboh, a debate competition on “Peace Education” was organized in May 2nd 2008. Eight schools were participated in the program; broadcasted by local radio to reach more audience. To have a locally based curriculum or syllabus of Peace and justice Education, we also organized a 5 days workshop where headmasters, teachers, students, local NGO staffs, local ulama and cultural activist, and our volunteers participated. It is a participatory workshop using elective method (elaborated by peacebuilding expert Johan Galtung). The curriculum will be implemented in 3 schools started in July.

Empowering People

Various community empowerment activities were also implemented during second quarter of 2008, continuing the activities in previous quarter. The intercommunity network of farmers initiated last year show their good performance. The board of the network played the role of monitoring the work of the members, organized the network’s capital, and organizing meetings. Their program of oculation rubber, as reported in the last report, shows a quite good result (82% of the rubbers seeds are growing well).

The two centres for organic farming in Bubon and Woyla is still functioning well. The Centre in Woyla (Saree Tabina) is also used for centre for women’s activities) and centre for community art activities. While the community centre in Bubon is used to cultivate medium term plants to support agro home industry of women such as ginger and pineapples.

The centre for farmers empowerment in Pesantren in Beutong Ateuh is 75% completed, while the experimental garden was already prepared. The women groups are continuing their activities. Some indicator of progress includes continuous production and ability to sell in the local market. Any assistance from SUNSPIRIT’s team is still needed.

The meetings of network of women were organized to strengthen the network and increasing the knowledge of women, especially regarding their roles in the communities. In Beutong Ateuh, the organization of women groups was initiated in June. Three groups will get capacity building trainings focused in cooking, embroidery, and rattan production. Rattan is one of the main products of Beutong Ateuh as an area near the forest.

The GAmpong Geutanyo Bulletin for March-April has been printed and distributed. The May-June edition is in printing process. The blog of SUNSPIRIT was revitalized. We also prepared new brochure of SUNSPIRIT. The booklet on organic farming method and book on Conflict Transformation and Peace Sustainability are in final process.

Besides the mentions progress, during this period, SUNSPIRIT is also supporting the Komunitas Seni Damee Meulaboh (Meulaboh Peace Art Community), in preparation for Aceh Cultural Performance for Peace as part of popular peace education and grass root initiative reconciliation. Komunitas Seni Damee Meulaboh consisted of communities who get our support and join Aceh Cultural Festival for Peace in 2006 and 2007.

We do hope that the implementation of the program during this period will contribute to the achievement of overall goal of the program which is building peace and empowering social inclusion in Aceh.

For detail information, please contact SUNSPIRIT for justice and peace


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  1. Mustafa Adam
    Oct 05, 2008 @ 19:39:14

    May i knwo how can you help NGOs to participate in Darfur peace


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